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Anniversary Sms Collection

May The Bond You Share Be Blessed With Pure Love,
Sheer Joy For All The Coming Years In Your Lives.
A Happy Fun Filled Wedding Anniversary
To The Most Wonderful Couple.

May The Love You Share Last A Lifetime,
May Success Find A Way Into Your Lives,
May Happiness Stay Permanently In Your House,
May Each Passing Day Bring Sweet Memories,
Just Like This Beautiful Day In Your Life
Happy Anniversary To The Loving Couple.

It Is Always Wonderful
To See Two Young Hearts In Love
And It Is Of Immense Pleasure
To Congratulate You Two On Your Anniversary.
May You Be Happy Forever.

Be With Me And I Will Win The World
Was All You Said When You Proposed.
True To Word, We Have Been Together
And On The Top Of The World Since Then.
Love Our Togetherness.
Lets Win The World Forever Together.

Happy Anniversary.

An Anniversary Is A Time
To Celebrate The Awesome Joys Of Today,
The Beautiful Memories Of Yesterday
And Hopes Of A Better Tomorrow.
May You Love Continue To Grow
And May Your Union Last Forever.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary To You My Love!
You Love Birds Look Wonderful Together.
I Wish You Two Lots Of Love
And Joy Forever.
May Your Love Continue To Grow.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

You Have Given Me The Love
That Is Greater Than Anything In The World.
My Days Have Become Extremely Brilliant
Through Your Love,
Making Me Understand
You Are My Beloved Wife.
Wish You A Cheerful Marriage Anniversary.

A Beautiful House Is Built Merely By Hands
But It Is Turned Into A Home By Beautiful Hearts
Thank You For Turning My House Into A Home.
Happy Anniversary.

If I Have To Live My Life Again,
I Will Still Choose The Life
I Have Lived With You.
Thank You For Loving Me Through The Years.
There’s No Other Life I Would Exchange It With.
I Love You For What We Have Become.
Happy Anniversary!

Marriage Is A Special Relatio
Between A Man And A Woman.
The Beauty Of Marriage Is That
Independence Is Equal,
Dependence Is Mutual And Obligation Is Reciprocal.
My Best Wishes As You Celebrate Your Anniversary.
May Your Love Continue To Grow
And May You Experience Immense Happiness.
Happy Wedding Anniversary

I Truly, Deeply,
And Madly Have Loved You,
And Will Forever Love You.
Cheers To Our Mutual Understanding
And Wonderful Time Together.
Happy Anniversary.

Always Cherish The Memories Of Yesterday
Plan Well For Your Tomorrow
And Always Remember To Celebrate
Your Today
May God Bless You
On Your Wedding Anniversary

Thinking Of You Today
And Holding On To The Sweet Memories
The Past Year Has Given Us.
I’d Like You To Know That
I Am Blessed With A Wonderful Partner
And Lover In One.
Happy Anniversary Darling!

You Cheer Me When I’m Sad,
You Hug Me When I Cry;
You Fill Me In My Shortcomings
You Delight In My Accomplishments;
No Matter Where My Course Goes,
You Stayed With Me.
Today, I Realize,
I Cannot Go On Without You.
Happy Anniversary!

I Take This Opportunity
To Thank You For Being
My Partner In Life, Spouse, Lover And Friend.
I Will Always Cherish Every Moment
That I Have Spent With You
For The Rest Of My Life.
I Love You My Dear.
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Only Love Can Keep Anniversaries
Coming And I Am Glad
I Never Run Short Of It.
Happy Anniversary My Love,
Bear In Mind That
I Cannot Celebrate Anniversaries Alone.
Thank You For Staying By My Side As Years Go By.
I Love You!

There’s Only One Smile I Long To See;
There’s Only One Voice I Long To Hear;
There’s Only One Person
I Long To Hug And Kiss On This Day.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart,
There’s None Other For Me.
I Love You So.

I Love Waking Up In Your Arms;
I Love Listening To The Words You Whisper;
I Love Touching Your Face;
I Love Looking Through Your Eyes;
But I Love You Most
When I Feel That You Love Me So.
I Love You,
Happy Anniversary!

It May Be Said Many Times Before
But As Our Anniversaries Come And Go,
I Love You More.
Today Is Another Chance To Tell You
How Much Your Love And Care Is Treasured.
With All My Love On Our Anniversary. 

Words Are Not Enough
To Describe The Past Year Or Years
That Has Been Spent With You
But I Want You To Know That Anniversaries
Are Priceless When The Years Were Spent With You
I Love You More As The Years Go By.

I Know I Should Express This More
But Your Are The Most Beautiful Creature
I Have Ever Seen.
I Love You For All That You
Are Inside And Out.
Happy Anniversary, Baby.

You And I Know,
That Despite The Tough Ups And Downs
That We Have Had So Far,
Our Precious Love Has Still Managed
A Steady Growth.
Irregardless Of The Different Thoughts We Have Had,
Our Love For Each Other Had No Strings Attached.
Happy Anniversary.

Life Would Be Incomplete
Without You Next To Me.
I Can’t Stand To Be Away From You
And I Love It When You Are Close To Me.
It Is Like We Are The Only Ones
On The Planet.
Happy Anniversary And I Love You. 

To My Sweet Baby On Our Anniversary.
I Treasure Your Beauty Inside And Out.
You Made Me Whole
When Half Of Me Was Missing.
I Will Be Here For You Until End.
I Love You With All Of My Heart.

Happy Anniversary To The Man
Who Loves Me Unconditionally
You Have Been There In Good Times And Bad.
I Want To Take This Time
To Thank You For Being
My Soul Mate And Lover.

Best Wishes Go To You
Both On This Very Special Day.
Let The Wonderful Love You
Share Bring You Happiness,
Joy And Blessings Throughout Your Lifetime.
Always Remain Strong In Times Of Adversity.
Happy Anniversary.

15 Years And Still Growing Strong.
This Long Way Would Not
Have Been Possible Without You.
I Have No Words To Express My Gratitude
At This Special Moment.
Hope My Feelings Are Conveyed
By My Smiles And Actions.
Happy Anniversary!

In This 20th Anniversary,
I Just Want To Say Thank You!
The Journey Has Not Been Easy
But We’ve Made It This Far
Because Of Love For Each Other.
Will Forever Love You.
Happy Anniversary Lover!

Marriage Is The Relationship
Between A Man And Woman Where,
There Is Mutual Dependence
And Existence Of Obligation Towards Each Other.
The Two Should Be Equally Independent.
Best Wishes To You
Both On Your Anniversary!

Our Engagement Is On The Way..
Details Inside..
Join With Us & Celebrate..
With The Groom And The Bride..
There Will Be Music, Food & Drinks..
Joy And Fun Come And See & Please
Let Us Know With U’r Rsvp..

Life Gets So Busy That We Could
Not Find Time To Say “thank You”
To Someone Who Has Been So
Nice And Wonderful.
Thank You!

We, Bride’s Name
And Groom’s Name
Request The Honour Of Your Presence
At Our Marriage
On Weekday, The Day Of Month
At Time Time Period Address.

Please Celebrate With Us
The Freshness Of New Life
And New Love As We
Bride’s Name
Groom’s Name
Exchange Wedding Vows
On Weekday,
The Day Of Month Year
At Time Time Period Address.

Dear Parents
You Put A Smile On Our Faces When It Gets Rough.
You Soothe Our Soul With Life Is Tough.
We Never Fear When You Are Around.
You Are The One We are So Glad That I Found.
Happy Anniversary Parents

Joy, Health And Lot Of Love
Blessings Showered Night And Day
These Are My Anniversary Wishes
Uncle Aunt I Am Sending Them Your Way.

It Is Love That Brought You Together As A Couple,
Gave Each One Of You
The Best Partner For Life.
Always Consider What Has Brought You
This Far Despite The Ups And Downs
You Have Been Through.
Happy Anniversary.

Nothing In This World Could Be
Compared To Your Love.
You Make All My Days Bright And Happy.
Am So Lucky To Have You As My Wife.
May This Love In Our Hearts
Flourish Every Single Day And Last Forever.
Happy Anniversary!

It Is Easy To Be Together In Happiness,
But You Held Each Other When Life Was Scary,
Cheers To A Couple’s Deariness,
Wish You A Cheerful 50th Wedding Anniversary!

My Love, Thank You For Being So Loving
And Tolerant Of Me These Past 25 Years.
I Could Never Ask For Better Companion Than You
Have Been To Me.
Happy Anniversary, Honey

I Am Thrilled To Be Celebrating
With You This Tremendous Milestone Of 25 Years Together.
Love Has Brought Us This Far
And Love Will Take Us Even Further.
Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart

You Are The Most Beautiful Couple In The Land.
Hoping The Love You Shared
Several Years Ago Is Still Strong,
Bringing You Happiness And Joy
To Celebrate It Again On This Special Day.
Happy Anniversary.

My Love For You Has No Limits And Definitions.
You Make Me The Person I Am Today.
I Love You And Will Always Love You.
Promise To Protect This Love
For The Rest Of My Life.
Wishing You A Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary To You My Wife,
May Our Marriage Be Blessed
With Great Companionship, Love And Joy
For The Rest Of Your Life Time!
As We Live Each Day,
Let Our Life Be Emulated Everyone Around Us.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!
May The Love That You Share Blossoms
Every Other New Day,
Rekindling Your Feelings For Each Other.
Wishing You The Very Best
As You Continue Celebrating The Gift Of Marriage In Your Lives.
Happy Anniversary Husband

When I Said I Wanted To Grow Old
With You 25 Years Ago,
I Really Meant It.
Sharing These Many Years With You Has Added Years
And Value To My Life.
You Mean So Much To Me
And I’m Glad You Are My Lover.
Happy Anniversary.

Who Says Love Fades With Time’s Wheel,
When For Years You’ve Showered Its Beauty,
In Front Of A Couple Like You We Shall All Kneel,
To Wish You A Warm 50th Wedding Anniversary!

What A Wonderful First Year It Has Been.
I’ve Grown To Love And Understand You
So Much More Than Before.
I Look Forward To Discovering
More Delightful And Interesting Things About You.
Happy Anniversary

I Can Hardly Believe
We’ve Been Married For A Year Now.
You Light Up My Life!
I Have No Regrets And No Reservations,
Because I Would Do It All Over Again.
Happy Anniversary

Love Is A Wonderful Thing.
Make Your Wedding Anniversary,
No Matter What Number It Be,
Something To Cherish And Remember Forever.
Be Unique And Relate Your Special Plans
To Your Wonderful Journey Of A Relationship.
Make It Tailor Made To Fit
The Other’s Likes And Wants.
Make It A Night They Won’t Soon Forget.
That’s How I Believe Such Love Should Be

They Say That The First Anniversary Is A Paper One.
Paper Can Be Torn
But We’ve Managed To Hold It Together
Without Being Torn Apart.
We Make A Great Team And I Can Hardly Wait
To Celebrate Our Cotton Anniversary.
Happy Engagement Anniversary

It’s Our 1st Anniversary
But I Still Wonder How I Survived
Without You Before.
You Have Become Such
A Wonderful Fixture In My Life
I Know That There Will Be Challenges Ahead,
But Together We Can Weather
The Storms Of Life.
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary

Today Is Our Silver Wedding Anniversary.
It Seemed Like Only Yesterda
That We Exchanged Vows.
It Has Not Been An Easy 25 Years
But I Am So Happy That We Stuck It Out Together.
Here’s To Another 25 Years Together. 

Like Two Golden Stars In The Sky,
Remain Close To Each Other Forever,
You Both Have Climbed A Mountain So High,
To You Both, All The Good Things I Wish To Deliver…
Wishing You Both A Very
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

While Travelling Towards This Golden Stair,
You Have Performed Every Duty,
Warm Regards To A Couple So Fair,
Wishing You A Very Happy
50th Wedding Anniversary!

Your Significant Other Throwing You
Hints Every Other Minute,
Waking Up To That Feeling Of
Pure Excitement And Anxiety,
And The Moment Of Absolute Bliss
When Whatever Event Your Loved Has Planned Finally Arrives.
What Could It Be?
It’s A Wedding Anniversary. 

That Special Day Is Here Again
The Day We Took Our Vows
You’re Just As Special To Me Today
As You Still Get Me Aroused.
Happy Anniversary Dear Husband

I’m Sending This Bouquet Of Love
To Say That I Love You So Much
I Hope I Say It Often Enough
I Want You To Know It’s True,
On This Special Occasion
I Want To Remind You
That You Are My Everything
My Love Is True,
Happy Anniversary Lover!

To The Beautiful Couple In All The Land,
May Your Anniversary Be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary

On This Special Day,
Best Wishes Go To You,
That This Wonderful Love U Share,
Lasts Ur Lifetime Through.
Happy Anniversary To You My Love

How True My Feelings Were
I Found Out To Be The Best Thing
In My Life Was When You Married Me
Thank You My Loving Wife
For The Years We Share I Know One
Thing For Sure We Make A Wonderful Pair

I Love U Are Words Just Three,
Which Mean So Much On Our Anniversary.
So This Is What I Want To Say,
Live In My Heart N There 4 Ever Stay!

Nothing In This World Could Ever Be
As Wonderful As The Love You’ve Given Me
Your Love Makes My Days So Very Bright,
Just Knowing You’re My Darling Wife
Happy Wedding Anniversary

Marriage Is That Relation Between
Man And Women In Which
The Independence Is Equal,
The Dependence Mutual And
The Obligation Reciprocal”.
Best Wishes For Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Long After Our Anniversary
This Greeting Has Been Thrown Away
Think Of The Thought Behind It,
Each And Everyday,
Happy Anniversary

Hoping That The Love U Shared Years Ago
Is Still As Strong Today As It Was
Then Bringing U Much Joy , Love
And Happiness To Celebrate Again.
Happy Anniversary

All My Love For You Free!

Best Wishes To You Both On Your Anniversary,
May The Love That U Share Last Your Lifetime Through,
As U Make A Wonderful Pair.
Happy Wedding Anniversary
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