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Birthday Sms Collection

I Often Cant Believe
The Love I See In Your Eyes Thank You
For Being My Number One Cheerleader In Life.
Happy Birthday Mum

Daddy, You Are My Hero,
My Role Model,
The Person Who I Look Up To And Wish To Become.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Watch This Special Day
As A New Page In Your Life Story.
This Story Becomes More Great
With Each Passing Year.
Happy Birthday!

Be Happy, Smile, Enjoy The Party,
Have Faith In Tomorrow…
Today Is Your Birthday.
You Deserve All These
Happy Birthday!

Today Is Your Day.
It’s A Beautiful Day Like You.
And For This Great Day
I Wish You Happy Birthday!

Sweetheart, Loads Of Cheer
As You Turn Another New Year,
We Are Happy And Excited About It.
You Are A Great Person And This Comes
Just To Wish A Happy Birthday And Gods Blessings.
Its Your Birthday Sparkle And Shine,
Be Happy And Rejoice.

You Are A Being So Nice,
Polite, Great, Honest, Witty
And Unique In This World.
Receive My Best Wishes And
It Tiny Lies Happy Birthday! 

You Are The Most Gorgeous Boyfriend In The World!
Today Is A Perfect Day To Tell You
That You Are My Everything.
Today I Love You More Than Yesterday,
But Not As Much As Tomorrow.
Happy Birthday, Darling!

Love Is When You Think About Someone Else
More Than You Think About Yourself.
Today I Almost Did That.
Happy Birthday Dearest Dear
May Happiness Be Yours Today And Always. 

Honey, You Are Another Year Older
Yet You Still Remain Perfect To Me,
Just The Way You Are
It Is My Wish That You Get
To Blow Many More Candles And Remain
As Charming As You Still Are Enjoy This Day.

Happy Birthday To The Best Husband Ever.
I M Fortunate To Have A Life Partner
Like You Who Makes My Life Complete In Every Single Way.
I Pray For You Never Ending Joy,
Happiness And Good Health On Your Special Day.
Thanks A Trillion For Being A Part Of My Life.

A Very Happy Birthday To The
World’s Most Beautiful Wife,
Who Has Filled My Life With Immense Love And Happiness.
All These Years Spent
With You Have Been Super Special And Wishing
For Many Many More Years To Come.

For Your Birthday I Wish You Health And Luck.
Each Day Begins With Joy,
Every Moment Brings You Fulfillment
Happy Birthday!

On Your Very Special Day,
I Want You To Know That You Mean So Much To Me.
No Words Could Ever Describe My Love For You.
Happy Birthday!
I Love You Very Much, Baby…

Happy Birthday To The Man Of My Dreams,
My To-Be-Husband. You Are The Only Person
I Want To Spend My Life With.
I Wish You All The Success And Happiness.
Happy Birthday To You,
My Love.. For Girlfriend:

This Is To Wish My Baby Girl
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
My Cute Little Angel,
May You Find The Best Of Everything
In This World And Keep Spreading Brilliance
In Everyone’s Life.They Say
A Daughter Is A Daughter For Life.
And You Have Kept This Maxim
Alive By Being A True Daughter.

I Cherish The Day We Met.
That Rendezvous Turned Into An Unbreakable Connect.
Happy B’day My Prince Charming.
Always Stay Convivial And Let Our Love
Know No Bounds.Our Alliance
Has Been Nurtured By Honesty And Trust
.May God Give Us Strength To Carry It With Grace.
I Have Found In You My Greatest Support And
A Caring Person Who Has Loved Me Unconditionally.
I Love You So Much Baby.

May Your Day Birthday
Be Bright And Sunny
As You Are One Of The Best,
My Honey I Cannot Buy Anything For You
On This Day I Am Short Of Money.
But Wishes Deep From My Heart 

For Your Birthday.
I Thought Of Something Grand,
Magnificent, Spectacular.
Anyway It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Think!
Happy Birthday

Even After Death
I Will Still Want You To Be My Father.
I Can’t Imagine A Momment
Without You As My Father.
Only Eternity Can Reward You Sir.
Happy Birthday Papa

I Do Not Need Diamonds And Rubies.
I Do Not Need Any Luxuries In Life
As I Have You As My Boyfriend
Who Is Better Than
All Materialistic Things In Life.
Happy Birthday Dear Sweetheart.

Wow! What A Beautiful Day It Is Today,
I Am So Happy For You.
May You Have The Best Birthday Ever.
As The Years Pass By Always
Remember To Be Thankful
For All The Little Things
That Our Good Lord Puts Through To Us.
Love You My Dear.
Happy Birthday.

On This Special Day
As Your Celebrate Your Birthday,
May Your Heart Be Filled With Warmth And Love.
May Our Love Be Renewed And Our Hopes
For The Future Get Rejuvenated
During This Wonderful Day.

As You Unleash A New Dawn And
Open A New Chapter In Your Life,
I Wish You The Best Of Life’s Gifts My Love,
And Hope That I Will Be With You
Every Step Of The Way.
Have A Happy Birthday Sweet Heart.

This Is Your Day And I Cannot Forget
To Wish You The Best
That The World Has To Offer.
You Are One In A Million And
Having You As A Sister Is Such A Blessing.
As You Grow Into That Pretty Girl
That You Are,
May I Take This Opportunity
To Wish You God’s Blessings
And May His Favor Follow You Always.
Happy Birthday

Today You Will Receive Flowers For Your Birthday …
Learn From Each Flower To Love,
To Be Tender,
To Enlighten Others,
To Let Them Admire You,
To Bring Joy And Celebration …
Happy Birthday!

A Day Of The Year Is Yours.
And Because It’s Yours,
Is The Best Day Of The Year.
Enjoy It With Your Loved Ones.
Happy Birthday! 

This Comes To Wish You
The Most Memorable Day,
As You Celebrate Your Birthday
Today Always Know That
We Do Love You So Much
And Are Proud To
Have A Wonderful Sister Like You.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Its A Great Thing To Have A Father.
Fathers Play Very Special Roles
In Outlives
So We Need To Take Every Given Opportunity
To Express Our Gratitude To Them.
Your Father’s Birthday
Is An Occassion To Take Advantage Of. 

This Is To Wish
The Man I Love The Most
A Happy Birthday
As You Leave Your Past
Behind And Unfold
A Future Of Endless Joy And Happiness.
May You Be Blessed Abundantly
Today And Forever.

Hey Sweet Heart.
I Hope That This Day Will Remain
To Be The Most Special
You Have Ever Had In Your Life.
Happy Birthday And May You Enjoy
To The Fullest And
All Your Wishes Come True. 

I Wish You The Best On This Special Day,
Have As Much Joy As You Can
And May You Be Blessed Today,
Tomorrow And For The Many Days To Come.
Happy Birthday And Enjoy

Happy Birthday To The Beautiful Woman
I Am Going To Marry.
Happy Birthday To The Woman
Who Will Be The Mother Of My Kids.
Happy Birthday To
The Most Beautiful Lady In My Life.
Happy Birthday To You Sweetie…

The Warmest Thoughts And Best Wishes For Health,
Happiness, Joy And Fulfillment.
Be Loved And Happy In Every Moment Of Your Life.
Happy Birthday!

I Searched All Over A Decent Present
But Have Not Found Anything Suitable
For A Person So Special Like You!
Accept This Good Thought
Accompanied By A Sincere
“Happy Birthday”! 

You Are Sweet Like An Apple,
Sour Like A Lemon,
Bitter Like An Orange Skin,
Humble Like A Cow,
Generous Like An Angel,
And All Over You Are A Lovable Child Of Mine
Who Is Precious Like A Diamond
Happy Birthday My Baby.

Honey, I Am So Blessed
To Have Such A Beautiful Wife
Like You By My Side.
You Are The Best Thing In My Life.
Thanks For Making My World So Wonderful.
I Love You So Much.
Happy Birthday,
My Wonderful Wife!

Messages From The Heart
For Our Loved Ones.
Say “Happy Birthday” And Share Smiles And Joy.
Here Are Some Special Messages
For Some Special Days
Dedicate These Messages To Those
Which Are Celebrating Their Birthday. 

Neither The Best Books
Nor The Best Teachers
Could Have Taught Me What You Did,
Dad. I Look Forward Excitedly
To Start One More Year
Alongside My Biggest Source Of Inspiration
You. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

I Am So Lucky To
Have A Wonderful Husband Like You.
Thank You For Being Such A Great Person
And A Terrific Husband.
You Are The Greatest Gift That God Gave Me.
Happy Birthday To You,
My Dear Husband!

I Wish You All The Warmth Of Humankind,
A Health Ocean And All The Flowers Of The World
Gathered In The Most Beautiful Bouquet!
Happy Birthday! 

Many Happy Returns To The
Most Beautiful Woman In My Life.
You Are The Best Mother A Child Can Have.
For Me You Are More Of A Friend.Please
Accept My Heartfelt Wishes And
Get A Kick Out Of This B’day
I Also Take This Opportunity To Thank You
For Your Unconditional Love And Unflinching Support.
You Made Me A Competent Individual.

In Our World, Everything Is Changing,
But One Thing Remains Certain
You Will Always Be My Friend,
Beyond Words, Beyond Time And Beyond Distance.
A Sincere Happy Birthday!

Even If Your Life Is Not As You Wish,
Smile. Your Smile Is Priceless Today.
And Because Today Is Your Birthday.
I Wish You To Get Everything You Want.
Happy Birthday!

Hi Grandpa!
It’s Crazy How Time Just Goes By!
Enjoy Your Birthday Grandpa
And Have A Good Time!
You Are The Best Grandpa Ever
We Will Celebrate Soon And
Have The Whole Family Together.

Grandma! How Are You Doing On Your Birthday?
I Hope You Are Having A Good Time
We’ll See Each Other Soon.
I Still Remember All Of Those Times
That We Had On Your Past Birthdays,
Hope To Do That Again Soon.

Today Is A Special Day.
Today Is Your Day.
Today I Wish You
All The Happiness In The World!
Happy Birthday!

Always Keep Shining Brighter Like A Sun,
And May Your Life Be Filled
With Beautiful Colors Of The Rainbow,
Hope Your Desires Meet The Level Of The Sky,
At Last I Would Just Like
To Wish You A Birthday
That Keeps You Up Glowing
Like A Light Of A Candle Happy Birthday To You.

Hope Your Coming Time Is Beautiful And Bright,
May Your Life Be Filled With Joy And Happiness
May All Your Dreams Turn Into Real,
May This Birthday Be The Most Gracious One.
I Wish From My Heart
Happy Birthday.

Happy B-Day My Love!
See You When I Get Home
So We Can Enjoy
One More Year Of Life With Each Other!
Love You!
You Are The Best Thing
That Has Happened To Me
And Today Being Your Day
I Just Wanted To Tell You That I Love You.

Hey Darling
It Is Wonderful You Are Celebrating
Your Thirty Fifth Birthday With Me,
May You Have A Blast And
Live To Celebrate A Thousand
More Birthdays To Come I Love You
And Take Care
Happy Birthday

Dear Sweetheart,
Greatly Love The Fact That
You Are Celebrating Your Twenty Fifth Birthday,
May You Enjoy And Have A Blast
To The Fullest I Love You
Each And Every Passing Day Take Care

It’s Weird How Time Flies By So Fast!
You Are One Year Older!
I Still Love You Like
When You Were First Born Daughter!
I Seen You Since You Were A Baby
And Now You Are Completely Grown Up
But You Are Still And Always Will Be My Baby.

Happy Birthday Darling.
You Are The Best Wife
That The World Ever Witnessed.
You Are The Source Of My Inspirations And Strength.
Every Time I Wake Up And See Your Beautiful Face,
My Heart Sings With Joy And Contentment

A Wonderful Message
For A Wonderful Person
From A Wonderful Friend.
Happy Birthday!

Another Year In Your Life
And I Can Only Say I Love You.
Happy Birthday!

A Brother Is The Person
With Whom We Share A Bond Of Love.
Your Love And Care Has Always Made Me
Feel Like A Blessed One.
On This Day I Wish My Brother
That All His Wishes Come True
And Have A Great Day.
Happy Birthday

Ever Since We Have Met
My Life Has Been Like A Fairy Tale
And On This Special Day,
I Would Like To Say That You Are The Best.
Here Wishing My Sweetheart
A Very Happy Birthday.

Hey Honey It Is Indeed Wonderful
That You Are Celebrating Your 50th Birthday With Me,
May All Your Dreams Come True
I Love You So Much And
Wish You All The Best In Life. 

These Wonderful Wishes Are
For The Most Wonderful Person On This Earth,
May You Celebrate This Day Of The Year
In A Special Way With All The Wishes And
Happiness Around You.
Have A Blast.
Happy Birthday

Hey Friend Today You Are Celebrating
Your Forty Fourth Birthday
This Is Great May You Live Many Years
To See Your Great Grand Children.
We All Love You
May You Enjoy This Special Day To The Fullest

Wishing The Best
For Someone Special On The Special Day,
May All Your Dreams Come True
And All Your Wishes Fulfilled.
Wishing You The Best Fun Filled Birthday.
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Hey Fellow,
I Hope You Are Having A Wonderful Time
Celebrating Your Twenty Fifth Birthday
May You Live To Blow More And More Candles.
Enjoy Your Birthday
And Have A Blast We All Love You

Dear Friend,
We Love You So Much And Appreciate The Fact
That You Have Lived To Celebrate
Your 50th Birthday,
May You Live To Grow Toothless,
May You Celebrate And Enjoy Your Birthday
To The Fullest. 

Dear Friend,
Wish You A Happy 21st Birthday.
May You Enjoy Your Celebrations To The Fullest,
May You Live To Blow Up
To One Thousand Candles
In One Thousand Years
We All Love You So Much.

You Are Special And Inspirational
On Your Approach To Life,
With A Warm Gentle Spirit That Never Dies.
Have Fun
Happy Birthday

On This Day As You Mark Your Birthday,
My Gift For You Is A Lotta Filed With Love.
Wish You Bright Special Days
As You Are To Me,
Happy Birthday.

Wish You Many More Birthdays
To Celebrate And Blow Candles
And Happy Returns Of The Each Day
That Passes Under The Sun.
Happy Birthday

In You I Found The Best Friend
And My Soul Mate.
any Happy Returns Sweetheart.
I Pray To God For Your Health And Love.
Last But Not The Least,
Let This Day Strengthen Our Bond
And Make It A Divine Relation.
You Have Been A Constant Support
In My Life And I Owe You My Life My Love.

You Hold My Hand In Bad Days,
You Understood My Needs,
You Gave Me Courage,
You Taught Me How To Fight For Right,
And You Are Always Very Special To Me.
You Made Me Capable
To Take Right Decisions.
Mom Nobody Can Replace You,
You Are The Only Whom I Love,
Happy Birthday. 
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