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Good Evening Sms Collection

A Good Evening Doesn’t Need
To Be Spent On Expensive Restaurants Or Bars.
You Don’t Need To Go To The Movies Too.
Looking At The Stars
While Drinking Beer And Holding Hands
With Your Loved One Is Enough.

Before You Head Out And Seek
The Comfort Of Friends And Your Partner,
Make Sure You Have Looked
Into Your Lovers Eyes And Say
“Good Evening And
Thank You For Being The Best!”

Stop Complaining And Start Doing Something,
Don’t Miss Out On The Chance
To Enjoy A Good Evening With Friends And Colleagues
Just Because Of Your Angry Boss.
Show The World What You’ve Got
And Have Fun Tonight!

The World Does Not End Tonight;
A Good Evening To A Friend
Is Just A Simple Way Of Saying:
“I Have Conquered My Fears And Live Up
For My Aspiration,
So I Deserved A Good Evening Of Food And Sleep!”

My Nights Will Never
Be The Same Again.
With You Here By My Side,
The Moon And Stars Became Brighter.
That’s Why I Think A Simple
Good Evening Is Not Enough
For A Person Like You. 

Even If The Sun Does Not Rise
Anymore The Next Day,
I Wouldn’t Be Sad Or Lonely
Because Hearing You Say Good Evening
Is Enough To Make My Whole Year Brighter.
Stay Sweet And Happy My One And Only.

 You Might Think That It’s Too Much
But I Think A Simple Good Evening
Is Not Enough To Express
How Much Excited I Am To Be With You Tonight.
That’s Why These Flowers
And Chocolates Are A Must!

Good Close Friends Are Usually Surprise
Certainly Not Effortlessly Gained…
That Root Base Coming
From One’s Coronary Heart
As Well As Entails Remembrances
That Will Stays On Certainly Not Several A Flash.
Certainly Not Several Per Day Yet 4EVER.
Good Evening!

Fine Buddies Tend To Be Present
Not Really Very Easily Gained…
This Origins
Through One’s Cardiovascular And Requires
Thoughts Which Remains Not Really Four A Point In Time.
Not Really Four Each Day However 4EVER.
Good Evening!

Once We Didn’t Have Got Difficulties,
We May Never Ever Discover Energy;
We Didn’t Have Got Challenges,
We May Never Ever Discover Durability;
Once We Didn’t Have Got Hopelessness,
We May Never Ever Discover Beliefs;
Good Evening!

The Day Expended Along With Your Loved Ones,
The Particular Evening Expended
The Particular Night Time Expended Along With Your Close Friends,
Evening Expended Along With Your Aspirations,
Just About All Produce A Excellent Day Time,
Good Evening!

5 Baate Parents Ki Jo Ap Jaiso Ko Pasnd Nahi
1- Itna Late Kyu?
2- Itne Paise Kisliye?
3- Kiska Call Tha?
4- Kahan Ja Raheho?
5- Dekho Shama Se Kuch Sikho.
Gud Evening!

Karoge Yaad Ek Din Is Pyar Ke Zamane Ko,
Chale Jayenge Jab Hum Kabhi Na Vapas Aane Ko.
Chalega Mehfil Me Jab Zikr Hamara Koi,
To Tum Bhi Tanhayi Dhundoge Aansu Bahane Ko
Good Evening..

Sitam Karne Wale Ik Aur Sitam Kar De,
Meri Yadon Ke Sar Bhi Kalam Kar De.
Nafrat Rahe Mohabbat Se Her Hayat Mein.
Yai Bewafa Is Had Tak Tu Zulam Kar De…

Koi Daulat Pe Naaz Karta Hai
Koi Shoharat Pe Naaz Karta Hai
Jisko Milte Hai Humare Msgs
Woh Apni Kismat Pe Naaz Karta Hai….
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