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Sardarji Jokes Collection 1

Kamath Hotel

Once Sardarji went to a hotel. But he took only tea and came back. Why ?
Because it was Kamath (Kha-mat) hotel !!



An astronomer was watching the sky using his telescope. A sardar was observing him. Suddenly a star falls... Sardar shouts: "Kya  nishana lagaya boss !!"


Mobile Thief

Ek chor ne sardar ka mobile leke bhag gaya... Sardar ne haste haste bola "Bhag le bhag, bevakoof, charger to mere paas hai !!"



After returning home from a foreign trip, sardar asked his wife: "Do I look like a foreigner ?"
Wife: "No.. Why ?"
Sardar: "In London, a lady asked me whether I am a foreigner !!"



Ek sardar Indian flag lene gaya. Flag dekh kar sardar ne kuch bola, jise sunkar dukaanwala behoosh ho gaya... Guess what did sardar say ? "Isme aur colour dikhao"



Sardar came to the exam with a plumber. Reason ? He had heard that the question paper was leaked !!


Hello Tune

One person to Sardar: I called you so many times, and your cell said "Switched off"
Sardar: Oye! Woh to meri hello tune hai !!


Boring book

A sardar spent 3 hours in a library reading a book, and then said, "So boring yaar... So many characters but no story"
Librarian said: "Sardarji this is a telephone directory"


Dice Game

A sardar soldier cought an enemy soldier.

Sardar: Play this dice. If you get 1,2,3,4 or 5 I will leave you.
Enemy: What if I get 6 ?
Sardar: You have to play again !!



A Sardar was getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole night. He got irritated. He drank the poison and said: "Ab kaato saalo... Sab maroge"



Sardar went for an interview.

Question: When is your birthday ?
Sardar: Jan 15.
Question: Which year ?
Sardar: Every year !!



Napoleon: There are no words called IMPOSSIBLE and FEAR in my dictionary.
Sardar: What should I do ? You should have checked it before buying



Sardar breaks an egg to make omelet, but notices that the omelet was empty.
He shouts: “Now a days , even hens have started family planning” !



An Englishman and a Sardar were in a toilet.
Englishman: How do you do ?
Sardar: Good morning ! We remove underwear and do !!



“Try to understand me and don’t disturb me. Leave me alone. Last night I didn’t sleep thinking of you… So please don’t play with my life.” – Sardar telling to a mosquito


Eye specialist

Sardar1: Did you consult the eye doctor about your eyes ?
Sardar2: Yes, but the doctor was more blind than me.
Sardar1: How do you know ?
Sardar2: He was looking at my eyes with a torch !



Sardar proposed a girl.

Girl: I am 1 year elder to you

Sardar: Oye ! No problem Soniye !! I will marry you next year



Sardar: I know Tamil. For "come here" "inge va"

Tamilian: Fine, what do you say for "go there" ?

Sardar: Oye ! Simple yaar. I will go there and tell "inge va"



Sardar: What's the guarantee for this mirror ?

Salesman: Drop it from 100 feet height.. it will not break till the 99th feet

Sardar: Amazing ! Pack it



Two sardars were fixing a bomb on a car..

Sardar1: What if the bomb explodes when we are fixing it ?

Sardar2: Don't worry.. I have one more



Sardar was writing past tence of "I make a mistake"

Guess what he wrote ?

"I was made by a mistake"




Ek raat power jaane ke baad..
Sardar1: Jaldi se fan chlao.
Sardar2: kar di na sardaron wali baat,fan on karenge to candle nahin bhuj jayegi.




2 Sardar ko 3 bomb mile. Police ko dene chale.

Sardar 1: Agar koi bomb raste me phat gaya to ?

Sardar 2: Jhoot bol denge ki sirf 2 hi mile the.



Friend: Yaar, tujhe to Cancer hai. Par tum sabko AIDS kyun bataataa hai ?

Sardar: Taki mere marne ke baad meri biwi ko koi line na maare.




Sardar set his marriage on March second.

His invitation read: "Marriage on March second. Please come on first night"



Train on Platform

Sardar, standing on a platform, suddenly jumps on a railway track.

Man: Oye Sardarji.. mar jaaoge.

Sardarji: Marega tho tu.. Sunaa nahi ? Train platform par aa rahi hai.




How do you identify a Sardar in a classroom ?

It is simple.. check who's erasing his notes when the teacher is cleaning the board.
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