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Ilm-e-Nafe ke Raaste

✦.......................♥ Ilm-e-Nafe ke Raaste ♥.......................✦

❶ Ahle Ilm se Acche Andaz mein Sawalat puchte rehna.
❷ Ahle Ilm ki Majalis mein Jana aur Khamoshi ke sath Guftagu sunna.
❸ Ahle Ilm ki Baat sahih Tor par samajhna.
❹ Ahem Nukat yaad rakhna aur unhe Mahfooz karlena.
❺ Dusron ko Ilm sikhana.
❻ Ilm par Aml karna (Aur yahi Ilm ka Maqsood hai).


The Arabic word for knowledge is 'Ilm علم
The Arabic word for action is Amal عمل

As you can see, they both have the same letters with the same root word. This shows how close the two are related. Without 'Ilm, you cannot perform the right actions in the right way. Likewise, without Amal, there's no point learning all this 'ilm if you cannot show it by actions.

May Allah give us the tawfiq to understand and practice what we learn. Aameen ♥

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