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Ustad ne Class mein Bachchon se Sawal kiya

★"Ustad ne Class mein Bachchon se Sawal kiya ke ye batao ke wo kaun Log hain jo NAMAZ nahi padhte"?

•► 1st Bachche ne Masoomiyat se jawab diya k jo Log Mar Chuke hain.
•► 2nd Bachche ne badi Nadamat se jawab diya ke jin ko NAMAZ padhna nahi aata.
•► 3rd Bachche ne bada Ma'qool Jawab diya k Sir wo Log jo Musalman nahi hain.

◄ Ab Hamara Shumar kin Logon main Hota hai? ►

:::: Kya ham mar chuke hain ?
:::: Kya hamein Namaz nahi aati?
:::: Kya ham musalman nahi hain? Tawajjeh Farmaye.


⇨ "Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do.(Qur'an 29:45)

✿ "The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him):) The first thing about which the people will be called to account out of their actions on the Day of Judgment is prayer". (Sunan Abu Dawood :: Book 3 :: Hadith 863)
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