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Shuru Allah k Naam se: Aye Iman Walon !

Shuru Allah k Naam se: Aye Iman Walon! Apne Gharon k Siwa Aur Gharon me Na Jao Jub tak k Ijazat Na le lo Aur Wahan k Rahne Walon ko Salam na Karlo, Yahi Tumhare Liye sara sar Bahter hai ta k Tum Nasihat Hasil Karo.(Surah:Al-Noor, Surah No:24, Aayat No:27)

O ye who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until ye have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that ye may heed (what is seemly). (The Holly Quran - Chapter 24, Al-Noor - Verse 27)
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